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Frequently Asked Questions

Traffic Signals / Street Signs

1. How do I report a street sign down / damaged / missing?

Please report an issue online at our Portal, or contact the Engineering Department at 770-781-2165

2. How do I report a traffic signal not working?

Please see the County Maintained Signals List  and report any issues online at our Portal.

3. How do I request a multi-way stop intersection for my neighborhood?

Please see the Multi-Way Stop Sign Policy

Road Maintenance / Hazards

1. How do I get a pothole fixed?

Please report an issue online at our Portal, or contact the Engineering Department at 770-781-2165.

2. Can I put speed humps on my road?

Please refer to our Speed Hump policy.

Erosion / Stormwater / Flooding

1. Who do I contact for erosion/flooding concerns?

Contact Engineering at 770-781-2165.

2. How do I pay a Stop Work/Erosion fine?

Contact Engineering at 770-781-2165.

3. Where do I get an elevation certificate?

Please see the Ordinances and Certificates section on the Stormwater page.

Plans / Plats

1. How do I obtain a copy of my plat?

Contact the Forsyth County Clerk of Superior Court, or 770-781-2120

2. Does my retaining wall require a permit?

Single walls over 6 feet or multiple walls that total 6 feet or more require a permit from Forsyth County. Please see the Retaining Wall Checklist.

About Engineering

Our mission is to provide for the county's infrastructure needs through proper placement and maintenance of roadways, drainage structures, pedestrian walks, and traffic control devices through a group of departmental divisions meeting one common goal. Our purpose is to put citizens first as we promote the health, safety, and welfare of the residents of Forsyth County.



John Cunard

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